What is Crossfit Football?

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Originally Crossfit was created as a training program similar to what military people would use to reach optimal physical shape for the challenges they might face. The program was modified from being strictly for military personal and became a very popular strength and conditioning program for all sorts of groups such as fire fighters, police academies, military groups, and really anyone who was looking to gain a higher level of fitness.

But a few years ago after Crossfit had grown on the national level it was noted that while athletes used the program, it wasn’t really designed for their specific needs for the sports field; so Crossfit Football was created.

The Design

Crossfit Football is touted as being for football players and participants in contact what is crossfit footballsports but it should be easily transferrable to other athletic sports as well. Labeling it for football seems more of a marketing aspect than anything else because football is played on so many levels in the United States and at almost every high school and college in the country.

The program was created by NFL players and top coaches along with fitness experts. For people who have been involved with any sort of high level football camps, there will be some noticeable similarities in drills and activities. As everything can be scaled and adjusted, the program is designed for all ages and levels of experience.

The program has received a lot of positive feedback and support from various groups of people who do athletic and other types of events. Even fire fighters that compete in the Fire Fighters Combat Challenge use Crossfit Football training for increased strength and endurance instead of the regular Crossfit program.

Getting Started

Unless you have already been doing Crossfit or very serious training then this is the type of program you have to ease into. They recommend you spend up to a month learning the basic exercises in your own time as well as working up your cardiovascular endurance and strength training. There are various levels of training you can go through such as Amateur, Collegiate, and Professional in Crossfit Football. These levels should be completed from lowest to highest to gain maximum benefit from the program as the design is one of linear progression.

There is a specific warm-up program you can do that is designed to prepare each person for the rigors of the workout. The workouts themselves involve increasing weights each week when possible as things become progressively difficult. A non-player might be able to work up to the Professional level but it would take some time and isn’t necessary until your aren’t seeing improvements at the Collegiate level.

Why Crossfit Football?

This is an elite level training program that will benefit any athlete or person who competes in athletic endeavors. The goal is different from normal Crossfit which works on more long-term endurance versus the short bursts of strength, agility, intensity, and endurance you need in the sports world. It is great for off-season training as well as those people who want to get the most physical edge that they can.

Some people are blessed with natural talent and ability; the rest of us have to work our tails off for it. Crossfit Football is the type of program that will take you to the next level.

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