Wood Plyo Box Assembly Instructions

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Plyo Box Instructions

General: We recommend using a dollop of Gorilla Clue with each screw the most secure installation of your plyo box. We recommend using an electric screw driver to assemble your plometric box if available. Important – use the correct size Phillips head driver to avoid stripping the screws. Not all phillps head screw drivers are the same.

Plyo Box Packaging

1. Unpack your plyo box from the plywood box that it came in. It should look like this:

2. Remove the plyo box from the packing. You should have the 9 wood pieces and a packet of screws.

Plyo Box Bottom and Side 1

3. Start by identifying the bottom (the one of the two largest pieces without the Garage Fit Logo on it) and placing the finished side down, connect one of the sides to the base and install the one screw on the side that will connect the two pieces. Provided you don’t start moving the base, this should remain secure.

Plyo Box Bottom Side 1 and Side 2

4. Install the second side. Install 2 screws. One at the floor and center screw connecting the two side pieces. (We install the remaining screws when all sides are assembled).

Plyometric Box Side 1 Side 2 and Side 3

5. Repeat step 4 for the third side. (Make sure that you orient the handle holes in the same direction for ease of lifting. This is especially important on the large plyo boxes)

6. Install the 4th side and install 3 screws. The center screw on each side and the one at the center on the bottom.

Plyo Box Center Structure

7. Press together the two center support structure pieces. (There is no center structure for the 12″x14″x16″ Plyo Box)

Plyo Box Center Structure

8. Screw on the third support piece to the center structure (There is no center structure for the 12″x14″x16″ Plyo Box)

Plyo Box With Center Structure

9. Place the center structure inside the plyo box structure

Wood Plyo Box

10. Place the top on the structure and install all screws on the top

wood plyo box

11. Rotate the plyo box and install all remaining screws – You are now ready to start your plyometrics training!

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