Weight Loss

A Hardcore Weight Loss Program

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Overweight and weary of it? Have you tried various fitness routines but just haven’t been able to reach your goals? weight loss programWell if you are sick and tired of looking like you do and are ready to finally kick that excess fat to the curb then just keep reading.

Fair warning, this program is not for the meek or the week. People who see shows like the Biggest Loser know that you can drop a lot of pounds if the effort is there. But without that dedication it just doesn’t happen.

Are you ready?


First of all you need to get your mind into this program. It will not be easy. This will be very hard work. But guess what? It is totally worth it. A little secret about being in shape; once you get there you have to work a lot less at keeping yourself there. So get the thought in your mind about exactly why you want to trim down and picture what you will look like. Store those thoughts and pull them out whenever you are thinking of quitting.


This is a key point. This article will not get overly specific in regards to diets as we have much better in-depth articles on this site for that. But the key point is you need to be following a diet. This great workout program we will show you next isn’t worth diddly-squat if you end up eating McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Getting in shape is a combination of diet, exercise, and rest. If you skimp in any of the areas then the results will take much longer to achieve.

The Workout

You have been warned this is a brutal program. The routine is a split involving morning and evening workouts. This will help keep the metabolism up and also keep up your motivation to eat properly. It is harder to cheat when you feel so good from a workout.

For cardio start with either walking on the treadmill or an Elliptical trainer set at a low pace. As you get more comfortable with your ability to perform cardio for the prescribed time begin to increase the speed (and incline on the treadmill). Never go at a pace that doesn’t allow you to talk easily.

Day                        Morning                                              Evening

Monday               Chest/Biceps/1 Hr Cardio             1 Hr Cardio

Tuesday               1-2 Hrs Cardio                                    1 Hr Cardio

Wednesday        Back/Triceps/1 Hr Cardio              1 Hr Cardio

Thursday             1-2 Hrs Cardio                                    1 Hr Cardio

Friday                    Shoulders/Calves/1 Hr Cardio     1 Hr Cardio

Saturday              1-2 Hrs Cardio                                    1 Hr Cardio

Sunday                 Legs/1 Hr Cardio                               1 Hr Cardio


For exercises follow a simple machine circuit using the weight machines only and no free weights. Most gyms have anywhere from 1 to 3 stations per body part if not more. Each station has basic machine use instruction and you can always ask staff for a demonstration. For each exercise do 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps each increasing the weight each set until the last set which should be difficult to reach 8 reps. Rest only 30 seconds between sets and 1 minute between exercises.

Stick with this program for at least 6 to 8 weeks before you judge the results. Ignore the scale and look in the mirror to see how your body changes. You can do this.

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