Indian Clubs

Indian Clubs for the Corporate Employee

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If you run a buShoulder Painsiness or sit behind a desk for long periods of time, you are subjected to rigors that the average person is not. Your likelihood of neck, shoulder and back pain is increased, plus you tend to get brain fatigue.

I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know either. That’s where a handy pair of Indian clubs can swoop in and save the day.

If you’ve been paying attention to my past articles, I’ve already given you the benefits of Indian club swinging. But in case you are making your debut in this arena, I’ll do a little recap for you.

The Best of Indian Clubs

All the patterns involved with Indian club drills are circular, spiral and figure-eight in nature. The weighted ends of the clubs allow you to gracefully move through these planes of motion like no other tool can. This brings oxygenated blood flow to joints, making them stronger and more resilient to injury.

Plus, you get improvements in flexibility, mobility, posture, muscle endurance and muscle strength. And all of this can be achieved with a mere 1-lb pair of clubs.

Lastly, every time you cross the midline of your body with an exercise OR do a complex movement pattern, you fire up a lot of brain neural pathways. The end result is an instant boost in memory, concentration and cognitive function.

I challenge you to find a comparable gadget that can do this for your body. AND, do it within 30 seconds! I know you’re busy, and that’s another reason why clubs are a must-have at your desk.

How to Integrate

OK, so you know clubs are good for your brain and body, and you have a couple patterns down. Now you need to know how to integrate them into your day. Well, this is actually quite easy.

Bring them with you to work and stash them in a desk drawer. Or, simply place them vertically under your desk out of the way where no one will even see them.

Every two hours grab your clubs and spin them for 30 seconds. You will need to stand up to do this, but so what. I’ve never seen an office building with a low ceiling, so you should have plenty of clearance. If not, take a quick walk into the hall or even go outside if the weather permits.

And just for the record, you should never go more than two hours without a movement break. THAT is why you end up with all the aches and pains associated with a seated job.

Your muscles and connective tissue get tightened up and stiff. The next thing you know, you’re clutching your back and shoulders, and whining about how out of shape you are. Do your scheduled movement breaks and you’ll never have this problem.

Dirty Looks

There are some people who are concerned about strange looks they’ll get from co-workers if they choose to spin Indian clubs during the day. It is these same co-workers who are in the most pain and have the hardest time concentrating at 3 in the afternoon when they’re in the home stretch of their day.

Never, ever, ever worry about what other people say or think! All you ever need to concern yourself with is you. They don’t sign your checks and they also don’t live in your body. It’s only your reaction to their comments and looks that can ever harm you. Don’t let it!

In fact, there is a really good chance the rest of the office will be wondering what you’re doing and why. You can be the hit of the office if you lead by example. Before you know it, everyone will be coming to you for advice or to learn firsthand how to use clubs.


If you sit idly by your whole life, you are going to miss out on tons of opportunity. Take the initiative and get your hands on a pair of clubs immediately. With a little investment in both time and money, you can do wonders for your body and mind.

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