Glossary of Crossfit Terms

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Affiliate – A box that is officially offiliated with the Crossfit Brand and therefore allowed to Glossary of Crossfit Termsrepresent themselves as a Crossfit box.

AMRAP – As many reps as possible

Ass To Grass (ATG) – This lingo used to encourage or praise full depth squats.

Box – A box is the spartan gym in which crossfit workouts are undertaken.

Bumper Plates – Rubberized barbell plates used for lifts such as cleans and snatches. The rubber helps to minimize vibration and noise due to dropping.

Parallettes – A small gymastic device used for push ups bar dips or other exercises.
Plyo Box – A Plyo Box can be wood or metal framed and is used as a platform for  Box Jumps. The Rx height is 24″ for women and 30″ for men.

Rx- Rx means the prescribed Height/Weight for an exercise.

Scaled- To scale a workout means to modify the workout for a person who cannot achieve the Rx version of the workout while attempting to maintain the integrity of the exercise.

Wall Balls – An exercise in which you stand with your feet shoulder width apart facting a wall and holding the wall ball at your chest. Quickly descend in to a full squat position, going as low as possible. Upon reaching the lowest position, explode in to an upright position. At the top of the motion throw the ball up and against the wall. You should be aiming for a height of 10 feet. As the ball descends, catch the ball and repeat.

WOD – Workout of the day


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