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What Is A Plyometric Box For?

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If you are looking to add a unique element to your training, you’re going to want to take advantage of what What Is A Plyo Boxplyometrics has to offer. Plyometrics is a form of exercise that will help to boost your speed, power, and muscular strength, and offers great transfer over benefits to many different sports you may choose to take part in.

As you begin in with your plyometric training, you might come to decide that at some point, you want to invest in a plyometric box.

What are these and what are they used for? Let’s take a closer look.

What A Plyometric Box Is

As the name suggests, a plyometric box is a simple box that you place directly in front of you as you perform plyometric based exercises. This box is typically around knee height (or slightly lower or higher depending on your skill level) and is large enough in width and length that you can comfortably place one foot on it without worrying about falling off the edge.

The body is generally made out of wood so it’s sturdy enough that it can fully support your weight. As you will be jumping up onto the box, the last thing you want is a box that’s wobbly and may fall apart when enough stress is placed upon it.

Do keep in mind that the heavier you are, the more sturdy of the box you’ll need, so you may want to invest in thicker wood overall.

What You Can Do With A Plyometric Box

So what can be done with a plyometric box? When most people think of this box, they tend to think of box jumps, where you will jump with both feet flat on the ground, lifting up and placing both feet on the very top of the box. This is a more advanced move and is excellent for increasing your overall strength and power.

That’s the not the only exercise that can be done, however. You can also perform step ups on the box if you are just building up to doing plyometrics and are looking to build leg strength, lateral step overs if you are looking for a way to target the inner and outer thighs, as well as elevated push-ups by placing the feet on the box and the hands on the ground.

If you want to add plyometics into that last exercise, you can simply perform clap push-ups, while still keeping the feet elevated on the top of the box.

Want a truly great core workout? Try elevated knee touches by placing the feet on top of the boxy and the hands on the ground in the prone position. Now lift one leg up to the shoulders, bending the knee and then return it to the starting position again. As you do this, really think of contracting directly from the core to execute the movement.

By adding the plyometric box to your workout, you have an increased number of exercise options that can be performed, which will help you target muscles in a manner they may have never be targeted before. Over time, this can yield superior results while also helping keep your boredom down.

Choosing The Right Box For You

Choosing the right box to use is important. You want to select a box that is lower if you are a beginner or slightly higher if you are someone who is more advanced and really looking for a challenge. Knee level will be about ‘average’, so use that as a guide.

A plyometric box is an excellent tool to add to your workout routine whether you use a home gym or are going to a commercial gym facility. Start taking advantage of it.

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