Why would I use a bodyweight workout?

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A bodyweight workout can sometimes be looked at as a lesser or easier workout, but it shouldn’t be. Just because you Bodyweight Exercisesaren’t lifting anything heavier than you, doesn’t mean you can’t effectively challenge your body.

In fact, there are quite a few great reasons to use a bodyweight workout. Let’s review the entire list so you can truly understand how beneficial this style of exercise can be.

Top 10 Reasons for a Bodyweight Workout

  1. Efficiency – A decade or two ago you had people working out for an hour or two each day, every day. While that type of dedication is notable, current science is also showing us that it was misguided and only practical if you took steroids. Short, high-intensity bursts of activity have been proven to provide fantastic muscle gains and increase metabolism for a nice fat burn.
  2. Quick Fat Burning – As much fun as plodding along a treadmill can be, and it really isn’t, using a bodyweight circuit can really make a huge difference in fat burning. Even performing a 30 minute circuit can blast your metabolism into a much higher zone for hours by using one minute sets of things like jumping jacks between strength exercises.
  3. Flexible – Routines are highly adaptable so it doesn’t matter your fitness level or goals, it is easy to design a program that fits you.
  4. Flexibility – A bodyweight workout typically utilizes exercises that involve a much wider range of motion which helps with joint flow and overall flexibility.
  5. Core Strength – Everyone can benefit from core strength because it translates into almost every action. A lot of the bodyweight exercises incorporate at least some of the core muscles.
  6. Balance – Exercises incorporate more single leg and single arm options along with movement which translates into the body training itself to be have better balance and more agility.
  7. Simplicity – People who lack time or the convenience of hitting a gym are the perfect candidates for a bodyweight workout. You need no equipment and hardly any space or time. You can even go outside.
  8. It’s Cheap! – No equipment, no gym fees, no gas, and no other costs. Is there any other program that can match that?
  9. Variety – There are so many options for this type of exercise that boredom is a thing of the past. You can easily use a different workout each session. Usually with bodyweight exercises there is less ego involved and more fun!
  10. Results – People engage in this type of program can see drastic changes across so many platforms: lean muscle, fat loss, energy, balance, and mood. Because the workouts are so efficient and simple it is easy to jump in and get started. The variety and lack of excuses makes it easy to keep going. Consistency is a key to reaching fitness goals and with a bodyweight workout it is easy to be consistent.

Had enough? There are certainly a few more good reasons out there, but ten should be enough to get you seriously thinking about using bodyweight exercises in some fashion or another. Travel for work, vacation, or just when you don’t have time for your normal routine. At the very least give them a try and see how you feel afterwards before simply dismissing such a great way to workout.

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