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Proper Training Gear

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If you have a passion for fitness or even if it just a hobby then you should take the time to gear up appropriately. By that I don’t mean go out and become a non-paid sponsor for Under Armor or Reebok by wearing a slew of brand new gear with logos on it. But you should be dressed appropriately for what you are doing because it can help with your workouts.proper training gear

Sports products have come a long way in the past 10 to 15 years. It used to be that guys in the gym all wore tank tops, hideous workout pants, and some fashionable sneakers. It was more about looks (and it looked bad) than actual function.

Now things have changed, luckily.

Proper Workout Gear from the Ground Up

  • Footwear – You have a dearth of options depending on what you want to do. For basic gym-wear a simple cross trainer will do. For people who run then take the time to invest in a pair of proper running shoes. Many people complain about foot and knee pain when they run which can sometimes be related to bad footwear. For those who play other sports make sure you are properly outfitted as well for comfort and preventing injuries.
  • Socks – For those who do a lot of cardio activity then exercise socks are the way to go. They help reduce sweat and moisture build-up around your foot and in your shoe. This helps for foot health as well as odor issues. Socks should always be short.
  • Underwear – Surprisingly not as many people invest in underwear specifically made for exercise. They are more supportive, chafe less, and allow more breathability. Honestly you can just wear any old thing but the added support is very nice if you do activities that involve a lot of running or jumping. For women a good sports bra is a must for support.
  • Clothing – Ideally wear stuff that fits well and allows a certain amount of movement. Clothing that is too tight is restrictive. It is recommended to use fabrics that breathe more which allow you to cool down easily during workouts and after them such as synthetics or mesh blends. It is recommended to have a few sets of workout clothes to cycle through. Also don’t wear over-revealing clothing.
  • Accessories – A music player is nice along with a proper holder. For people in the gym things like gloves, belts, and straps are often a waste of money unless you are a serious powerlifter or bodybuilder. Headbands and other refugees from the 80’s and 90’s should stay in a closet somewhere.
  • Water/Sports Bottle – Go for something you only have to fill up once and that is clearly marked with your name. In a crowded gym you do not want to share germs with a stranger.

Sharing is caring!