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Indian Clubs –Size Matters

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You’ve got to love these weight bangers in the gym that try to lift twice their bodyweight and let the entire world around them know about it. This feat is usually indian clubsaccompanied with the worst form you can possibly imagine and a series of grunts and groans to match. I beg the question, why?

There’s nothing really that gratifying about not having full function of your shoulders, hips, knees and back as you get up in age. And that’s exactly what you are setting yourself up for when you continually lift those heavy wheels off the floor and grind your joints to a pulp.

Hey, you want to be strong? I get it. I like to be strong too. But you do not have to go through the rigors of super heavy weight lifting to get there. AND, buy adding one little tool to your regimen, you can reverse some of the damage you’ve done and prevent further damage from taking place.


I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m talking about Indian clubs. These bowling pin-like apparatuses can change the game for you in a nanosecond. And here’s where it gets even better. Although clubs come in an array of weights that correspond to their size, all you ever need is 1 pounders to reap the benefits.

I almost feel it’s unfair that you get such an advantage that a lot of other people who won’t be reading this will miss out on.

It really is THAT simple. All you need to do is learn how to spin a pair of 1-lb clubs and you can receive all the benefits that come from them. Mind you, they can give you positive feedback in a matter of 30 seconds.

This means, even if you are dragging 500 lbs. off the floor in a deadlift, all you need to do is whirl the clubs for 30 seconds afterward to refresh your arms and shoulders. This will also speed your recovery and keep your joints well supplied with nutrient-rich blood. The end result is stronger joints that can withstand more trauma and beatings from heavy lifting.

The Size

In the big picture, size DOES matter. But it’s the other way around. It’s not how heavy the clubs are, it’s the way you use them. Let me try to elaborate. When doing Indian club patterns, all you are truly after is neural feedback through your limbs, joints and brain. This can successfully be achieved with light clubs.

Your goal should never, ever eeeeeeever be to impress people with the amount of weight you are swirling around your head. That’s called ego and there is no room for it with Restorative Arts. Leave that up to the grunters and groaners. Always remember that form trumps all.

Ideally, you want to use clubs in a smooth, rhythmic fashion. Your form is way more valuable than the amount of weight you twirl. When used with grace and good technique, it’s absolutely impossible to go wrong.

Summing it up

You’re not going to get huge using Indian clubs. But that’s not what they’re intended for anyway. What you WILL do is strengthen your joints and connective tissue to a point that you can withstand greater resistance in your workouts. That will, in turn, aid you in your mission to get bigger and stronger.

Until next time, hit me up if you have any questions and try to perfect your practice by practicing perfectly.

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