Functional Fitness Crossfit Glossary

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Functional Fitness / Crossfit Training Glossary

AMRAP – As Many Reps As Possible

Box – Crossfit Gym

BW – Body Weight

C2 – Concept 2 rowing machine, A brand commonly used at crossfit boxes

C&J – Clean and Jerk

CLN – Clean

DB – Dumbbell

DL – Deadlift

FS – Front Squat

GHD – Glute Ham Developer is a machine designed for Posterior chain exercises to develop strength in glutes, lower back erectors, hamstrings and calves. It is often also used for Sit-Ups.

Heroes – One of a number of Crossfit bench mark workouts named after actual military, law enforcement or firefighters who were killed in the line of duty. These workouts are typically very difficult. The most famous of which is the Murph

HRPU – Hand Release Push Up

HSPU – Hand Stand Push Up

KB – Kettlebell

Metcon – Metabolic Conditioning Workout

Mod – Modification

MU – Muscle-ups

Rep – Repetition

OHS – Overhead Squat

Plyo Box – A wood, foam, or metal box used for plyometric training

Pood – Unit of weight measure for a kettlebell (1 pood = 35 lbs)

PR – Personal Record

PU- Pull Up

Rep – Repetition

RM – Rep Max

Rx – When a WOD is performed without any adjustements

Scaling – Modifying the prescribed workout through options normally provided to allow people that cannot perform the Rx version of the workout

SDHP – Sumo Deadlift High Pull

T2B / TTB – Toes to bar, a core exercise. Hang from a pull up bar at arm’s length and raise your toes to touch the bar.

TGU – Turkish get up

The Girls – The commonly used name for several Crossfit benchmark workouts. The names are arbitrary and not named after real people.

Wall Ball – Both the commonly used name for Soft Medicine Balls as well as the name of an exercise where you throw a “Wall Ball” upwards and agains a wall:

WO / W/O – Workout

WOD – Workout Of The Day


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