Hard Core Advanced Abdominal Routine

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Great abdominals have to be earned. You can’t just expect to do a few crunches and leg raises to create that washboard look everyone wants. Nope, it takes some time, effort, and the right mix of exercises to hit the abdominals from all angles if you want to etch out maximum definition and muscularity.

To help with that we have this advanced abdominal burner that will hit everything between your ribs and hips and have you feeling the pain the next day. Don’t believe me? Give this circuit a try and lets your abs be the judge the next day!

Advanced Abdominal Routine

This circuit should be done starting with 30 seconds per exercise. Do all advanced abdominal routinethe exercises in a row then rest for one minute. Complete the circuit 3 times. If the circuit feels too easy then do each exercise for one minute. The key point is using slower and controlled motions to maintain constant tension on the targeted muscles. Also exhale sharply while hitting the contraction and squeeze hard. But if you are ready for advanced abdominal work you probably already knew that.

    • Corkscrews – Lie flat on your back and find something near your head to grab onto (such as a pair of dumbbells). Keep your knees slightly bent and feet together. Raise your feet straight up in the air. Then have your feet trace a small circle in the air, first doing a full circuit to the left and then going back to the right. If the exercise seems easy make the circle wider.

      • The Fan – Lie flat on your back with your arms stretched out over your head but keep them about 12 inches off the ground and hold your head off the ground. Your feet should also be 12 inches off the ground. Rotate your arms forward so they arc over your body and head down towards your waist while you tuck your chin and raise your shoulders off the ground. Stop your arms when they are parallel to your sides and then reverse the motion.
      • Cross-Body Crunches – Assume a crunch position on the ground with the hips and knees bent at 90 degree angles. Touch your hands to your ears and keep the elbows wide out. Crunch up and twist the body to touch your elbow to the opposite knee as you exhale and pause. Alternate twists on each repetition.

    • Flutter Kicks – Lie flat on your back and find something near your head to grab onto (such as a pair of dumbbells). Keep your legs extended and knees slightly bent with heels about 6 inches off the ground. Make slight kicking motions with each leg, alternating one going up 2-3 inches while the other goes down 2-3 inches. Keep the lower back stable.

  • Walking Planks – Start in a push-up position. Raise your right hand and left foot off the ground simultaneously and raise them both parallel to the ground. As you lower them shift your right hand about 2 inches forward from where it was before. Repeat with the left hand and right foot.

Think you have what it takes to survive this abdominal and core workout? The proof is in the pudding. If you can get up to four circuits of this at one minute per exercise you will have some seriously etched abdominals!

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