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Secret Tips for Adding Arm Size

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A set of well sculpted arms are truly a thing of beauty. Guys feel stronger and more virile when their arms stretchsecret tips for adding arm size their shirtsleeves. By the same token, even women who say they don’t like huge bodybuilders will openly admire a strong looking pair of guns.

It is just a product of who we arm. Muscular arms subconsciously make people think of a powerful, strong physique which people prefer. So it is no wonder that so many guys are hammering biceps and triceps at the gym as much as possible trying to make them grow.

Of course that is one of the reasons they aren’t getting the results they want…

Secrets of Arm Size

There are a few simple rules to understand if you want to add some serious size to your arms. They aren’t exactly secrets, but they seem like it because so many guys overlook them. It doesn’t matter if you are a serious lifter or just a weekend warrior looking to add a bit more size, these rules apply evenly across the board.

  • Focus on the Big Two – Your legs workouts need to have squats in them as a main exercise. Your back workouts need to have deadlifts in them. These two key exercises are true mass builders for the entire body which includes the arms. Intense, full body style exercises increase natural growth hormone production in the body which leads to greater size.
  • Train Arms Once – Your arms get a lot of work and more than likely you are overtraining them already. Along with all of the pushing and pulling from back, chest, and shoulder workouts, you most likely blast away with too many sets for arms too often. That leads to them not only not growing but also holding you back on other lifts as a weak link. They are small muscle groups so less is more. Once is week is all they need.
  • Add Static Holds – Triceps and biceps are interesting muscle in one respect because of the more simplistic single-joint training. Because of this you can use a technique called the ‘Static Hold’ to make your work sets more effective. Since we are doing less direct training it should be more effective right? A static hold is done after you have done complete reps to failure. Then you crank the weight up to the sticking point and hold it there for 6 seconds while keeping your muscle flexed as hard as you can. Only do this once per exercise on your final set.
  • Focus on Length – When you use the arms to assist in other lifts, one area that usually does not get as much work is the full stretch of the muscle. Exercises like overhead triceps extension and spider preacher curls really help incorporate the ends of the muscle which is important to focus on during direct training.

The Bottom Line

If your arms aren’t growing then you need to try something new, and that’s the bottom line. While at first you might be skeptical about training less and in a different manner, what have you go to lose by trying a different method? The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Instead, try something different.

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