Medicine Ball Workout For Abs

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Abs Medicine Balls

One great tool for hitting your ab muscles is the medicine ball. What exercises can you perform using this device? Let’s look at a few of the best medicine ball exercises you can perform and then put together a little workout to use.

Medicine Ball Side To Side Twist

To hit your obliques, try the medicine ball side to side twist. To do this exercise, simply hold the medicine ball with both hands to one side of the body. Then from there, begin to sit up. As you sit up, twist to the other side, shifting the medicine ball there.

Continue moving from side to side while remaining in the sit-up position. Keeping the constant tension on the abdominal muscles will help to really increase the intensity of this move and give you maximum muscle development.

Once you’ve completed all the reps required, lower back down to finish the set.

Medicine Ball Over-The-Head Sit-Up

Next, consider a medicine ball over-the-head sit-up. This exercise is a great way to really strengthen the rectus abdominis muscle, which is what forms your ‘six pack appearance.’

To do this exercise, you’ll hold the medicine ball in both hands over your heads. Lay back down as if you were positioning yourself to do a regular sit-up. Now sit up, keeping the medicine ball over your head as best as you possibly can.

This will be much more challenging then a regular sit-up as you’ll have greatly increased your total lever length (which is your arms) and added weight to it.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t do that many of these to start with. Take it slow and build up the intensity.

Medicine Ball Balancing Plank

The medicine ball balancing plank is another move you can incorporate into your workout routine. This exercise is a more advanced version of the regular plank exercise and a great way to challenge your core muscle endurance.

To do it, you’ll place the medicine ball on the floor and then balancing with both hands on the medicine ball in the plank position. Note that you won’t be quite as low to the ground in this position as the elbows are straight rather than bent.

Hold that position for 30-60 seconds and then lower back down again to complete the rep. Perform this as many times as called for.

Medicine Ball V-Sit Pass

Finally, the last exercise you’ll want to consider is the soft medicine ball V-Sit Pass. This one is another very challenging move so something for more advanced trainees.

Simply place the medicine ball between both hands and place those hands over the head with the elbows stretched.

Lean back so you are lying flat down on the floor, legs extended. Now sit up and as you do, lift the legs up off the ground, bringing them upwards as well. You should be forming a ‘V’ with the body.

As your legs and arms move together, pass the ball between them, moving the ball so it’s now held by the two feet. Lower the legs and arms again until they are almost touching the floor and then reverse directions and repeat. This time, pass the ball from the feet to the hands.

Continue on alternating until all reps are complete.

So there you have the main moves that you should be adding to your abdominal workout routine using a medicine ball. Here’s the routine to follow:

Medicine Ball V-Sit Pass – 3 sets of 4-8 reps (however many you can do)

Medicine Ball Balancing Plank – 3 sets of 30 second hold

Medicine Ball Side To Side Twist – 3 sets of 10 reps/side

Medicine Ball Over The Head Sit-Up – 2 sets of 5-8 reps

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