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9 At Home Exercises For When You Can’t Go To the Gym

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to attend a gym as often as you would like and use all of their fancy equipment? While most people certainly entertain this fantasy, the truth is that it just isn’t possible for everyone. This could be due to lack of time or budget restrictions (or both). In this article, we are going to present nine exercises which you can perform from the comfort of your own home. They are safe, efficient, and can produce amazing results if you stick to them. 

Exercise #1: Walking

This is the one exercise which is the easiest to perform but often goes overlooked. There is nothing nicer than spending time outdoors and enjoying the scenery, all while receiving a good workout. If the weather isn’t up to par, you can just as easily participate in a walking workout in your home. If you live in a two-story home then you can spend an hour or two going up and down the stairs. For those who would like to increase the intensity a little, grab something heavy and repeat the process. This should certainly give you an intense workout. 

Exercise #2: Jumping Jacks

Again, nothing out of the ordinary but it is still very effective. Jumping jacks can be an effective in-home exercise for the simple fact that they are fun and produce amazing cardio results. No to mention, they are relatively safe to perform, assuming that you have properly warmed up and aren’t near any dangerous objects. 

Exercise #3: Push-Ups

If most people had to name a favorite exercise routine, this one would probably rank number one. While push-ups can be difficult to do (depending on your level of fitness), there are ways to make them easier on your upper body. You can begin on your knees and work your way up. Remember: keep your legs straight, head up, and back straight. This will allow you to achieve the maximum results from this exercise. 

Exercise #4: Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are excellent in-home exercises designed for building the strength in your legs. If you are someone who finds them difficult to perform with your legs straight, then you can temporarily bend them until you are ready to do them the right way. 

Exercise #5: Crunches

Crunches are the best exercise you can do if you would like to strengthen your abdominal muscles. When you are just getting started, you don’t have to worry about all of the intricacies associated with this routine (getting head all the way up, etc.). However, technique is something you should consider once you have become more proficient at doing them. 

Exercise #6: Running in Place

Runnning In Place

Jogging in place is a great way to increase cardiovascular endurance. The great part about this in-home exercise is that you can perform it while watching television or listening to music. It is recommended that you wear a proper pair of tennis shoes as this will help relieve some of the physical tension on your legs. 

Exercise #7: Squats

Squats are another great exercise to work out the lower portion of your body. Specifically, they are designed to increase the strength in your buttocks and upper and lower thighs. This can be performed by simply standing up and sitting back in a chair (repeating the process). If that is too easy for you, hold two jugs of water in your hands and then try- this should prove to have much more resistance. 

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