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hollywood workout

The Hollywood Workout

During the year you often see various movie star workouts listed in different magazines. They usually coincide with an action… Read more »

Colin Stewart
Lat Pulldown Benefits

Lat Pulldown Benefits

Pulldowns are a great exercise for working your back muscles, but are you getting the most out of them? It… Read more »

Ben Sanderson
tri cycle training

Tri-Cycle Training

Ever just want to shake things up? Sometimes you just need to take the drawing board and throw it out… Read more »

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your lunchtime workout

Your Lunchtime Workout

Only have 30 minutes for a good workout during your lunch break? That isn’t a problem. In fact, it is… Read more »

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barbells versus dumbbells

Barbells versus Dumbbells

As the scene of weightlifting shifts over the years, periodically questions will arise about what is better between two options…. Read more »

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