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Bodybuilding Motivation

Overcoming the Excuses

“I’m too tired today.” “I’m just not in the right frame of mind to workout. It was a rough day… Read more »

Ben Sanderson
the at-home fit test

The At-Home Fit Test

Many people have no idea how fit they are. Heck, most don’t even know what a fitness test would entail…. Read more »

Colin Stewart
Age and Exercise

Muscle Recovery and Age

Should you approach training differently as you get older? Are there things you can do to defy Father Time? Let’s… Read more »

Ben Sanderson
Why Do You Workout

Why Do You Workout?

This is a rather important question all of us should ask ourselves. What truly is our goal at the gym,… Read more »

Ben Sanderson
What are Reps And Sets

What Are Reps and Sets?

In another installment of our ‘Teaching the Basics’ series, this time we answer the question, “What are reps and sets?”… Read more »

Ben Sanderson