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why real men do yoga

Why Real Men do Yoga

Typically speaking, yoga is not the type of activity most men flock to. It is often considered like Pilates or… Read more »

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pregnancy and yoga

Pregnancy and Yoga

As the health and fitness industry has evolved over the years many women have discovered the numerous benefits to staying healthier… Read more »

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yoga can benefit you

How Yoga Can Benefit You

Yoga is much more than a simple fad. Unlike things such as Billy Blanks’ Cardio kickboxing or other short lived workouts… Read more »

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why athletes do yoga

Why Athletes do Yoga

A rather noticeable trend in the stories about numerous Olympic athletes and their training routines was that many said they… Read more »

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some basic yoga q and a

Some Basic Yoga Q&A

There are always lots of questions about yoga from both men and women. Since knowledge is power we will try… Read more »

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